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2 05 2010

This week on The John Byrne Show : The Artist in this Economy

28 04 2010

What do you do when you are 27 years old, an accomplished artist who has made a living in his craft, and suddenly faced with an economic standstill with no job offers?  What do you do when you need to make a living and you have an abundance of career experience, knowledge and talent, yet because of the economic depression you are not even considered for basic jobs because you don’t have a college degree?  How can I get that “in-between” job?

These topics and more coming this weekend on The John Byrne Show!  Sunday night at 6:30pm on MNN Channel 2, Lifestyles!

Here is a Sneak Peak of Next Week’s Show!

25 04 2010

Video of ROSA COLLANTES doing Tango!

5 04 2010

Here is actual video of my gorgeous guest from today’s program (Easter 4/08/2010)

Rosa is my new dear friend and I was honored to have her along with Vivi and Eduardo

on The John Byrne Show!


28 03 2010

Check out todays very special show!  its going to be great!

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23 03 2010

to those of you who tuned in to last week’s episode of THE JOHN BYRNE SHOW – so far everyone is happy and looking forward to this weeks show on Sunday!  Thanks for the support and see you soon!  John Bambini

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20 03 2010

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