Precious Star “Gabby” is the daughter of Alice Riley, a Film Star and LaChapelle Muse in her own right!!!!

1 03 2010

Alice Ridley (mother of Gabourey Sidibe) as "God" in David LaChapelle's Heaven.

So, in 2004 when I was walking through the New York Subway system, I came across this INCREDIBLE voice and talent.  It was Alice Ridley, a very real woman with an Incredible RAW voice!  Her voice did something to me, and I jotted down her number.  Well a few months later, when my friend David

LaChapelle was shooting his documentary RIZE, I suggested he meet this woman Alice as she would be perfect for the soundtrack…  Well I got her demo and one thing led to another, she came out to Los Angeles and actually made it into one of the scenes where she prayers for the young krumpers/clowns before a battle and sings for the.  Its a truly inspiring moment in the film.  After RIZE was shot, Alice became close with us and worked on more art projects including playing the rold of “God” in DLC’s music video for Elton John’s Concert (“Answer in the Sky”.)

Completely unrelated, years later, Alice’s talented daughter was cast in the breakthrough film “Precious” and is now up for an Oscar.  I have never met Gabby but if she is like her Mom I would love to!  I wish this family the best and so many blessings because they are incredible people who have helped so many people with their talent!




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