Video of ROSA COLLANTES doing Tango!

5 04 2010

Here is actual video of my gorgeous guest from today’s program (Easter 4/08/2010)

Rosa is my new dear friend and I was honored to have her along with Vivi and Eduardo

on The John Byrne Show!


John Byrne directorial debut Music Video!

1 03 2010

It’s finally here!  My first video that I directed and produced for new SONY artist LYNN VERLAYNE.  The song is called “Drifter.” Enjoy!

Friends in New York that keep me Entertained!

25 02 2010

Yoanna House, Josie, and Amber Rose

I live for my FAKE TAN

24 02 2010

I know I should be proud of my natural skin and everything, but honestly I love to glow even if I look radioactive or like a pumpkin, like my friend David says.  It sometimes looks fake and orange, but you know what I think that is becoming more culturally acceptable these days with so many things.  And the truth is a fake tan is so much safer than a tan from the sun.  It is really harmless – just a natural sugar-based dye.  So my friends from the best PR firm in New York have been giving me a supply of the BEST tanner over the years.  XEN tan.  It’s really the best it goes on smooth, no streaks, dries quickly and activates very quickly.  SOmetimes I put it on before bed and wake up with a Caribbean glow.  I don’t know why, it just makes me happy.  SO now you know my secret!